nationalism opinion follows nurcholish madjid

date 29 augusts 2006 nurcholish madjid even one year . indonesian felts very lose by a idea that deepens. in the alive history cak light has subjugated self as one of the thinker very consistent towards nation problem and country. the thinking even also many professed so that success give certain religious comprehension type in part indonesia society.

a little thinking sketch cak light
when mapped macroly, thinking cak light divisible into two categories. first, thinking keislaman and second, thinking keindonesiaan. thinking keislaman cak light baseds on from the education background since beginning really menggeluti discipline science keislaman. while thinking keindonesiaan caknur more many got from perguatan with also the contemplation result after involved in social social activity either through direct also not direct. but red thread both types of the thinking lays in subtansi value that want to submitted that is breath keislaman. can be said breath or subtansi keislaman that’s that be core the thinking. when speak democracy, beside to refer in amount of literature west, he is especially take messages from al-qur’an also the execution examples in prila classic islam society really very mengaguminya. from both types of this the thinking is society then gives identity all at once flattery shaped theologian degree and nation teacher.

thinking cak a great length of light because is espoused by systematic reasoning building so that the argumentation explanation impresses very strong. but such there are some thinking cak light that be kontoversial mengalangan also mengalangan cendekiawaan general society. this controversy spectrum not limited to thinking keislaman, but also the thinking keindonesiaan. the thinking example keislaman controversial secularizing problem by circle cendekiawaan other called deviate from islam value. while thinking example keindonesiaa many debated when does he mengintrodusir jargon “islam yes, islam party no” and the idea about the importance of opposition for government.

quit of from controversial side existence, sembul existing knowledge membaliknya. for example, there argue or dialog between circle cendekiwaan islam self. there intellectual transaction so that society is critical which is on final evoke progress, not static. a lot agree thinking cak light but there [are] also many not. up to then society can conclude that so much colour and thinking type keislaman, so that absolutism towards a thinking kind is relative merely. every thinking really necessary mengritisi, evaluated and inspected to return so that doesn’t be dogmatic.

nationalism and nation country
nationalism rumors is to argue routine each month august. a hypothesis says, incidence various problem in indonesian, beside because weak moral commitment towards religion basic teachings, also caused by truth comprehension or subtansi keindonesiaan less. may be that is why cak light in book endly have a title “indonesia kita”(2003), elaborate dots subtansi mempahaminya towards indonesia. book written in order to give explanation sufficient towards ten flatform on the market to build to return indonesia.

first elaborated classic nationalism criticism at archipelago. confirmed, nasonalisme classic at archipelago at first emerge existence consequence various tribe stays asia area tengara this, in environment thousands island, big and little in environment that separated. this fact pushes incidence also tribal special feature, language and culture. this fact existence can be looked at as also crisis. as wealth, write cak light, culture variety bear comparison with vegetable variety. that variety can be rich hybrid culture development source and strong, pass culture cross (cross cultural fertilization). as crisis, the advanced, culture variety can weaken intertribal cohesion and island. therefore south-east asia forever susceptible towards conquest and colonial from outside. so indonesia really besifat plural initially so that menginkari character equal to deny one of [the] subtansi indonesia. pluralism building must be braced to pass culture cross so that tissue and nationality tie is steady and strong.
found fact other that seeds existence nasionalime classic that simplified by a culture berdimesi hemispheric islam that is a general culture pattern that cover almost entire hemisphere east since africa zones and europe in ocean side atantik until to olive area (now guangzhou) at china plain in waterfront middle. matter here’s follow caknur simplify islamic religion enters then scattered to entire archipelago areas. culture development hemispheric this continue in modern indonesia where a lot of nomen klatur perpoliti national that baseds on or at least explainable based on islam teachings. for example about “negara bangsa” or “nation-state”.

nation- state or nation country as explanation cak light in book itersebut, a brainchild about country that founded to entire nations. equally nation country country to entire peoples that founded based on agreement with that produce contractual connection and transaksional opened between sides that hold those agreement. nation country aim realize maslahat general, a concept about kindness that cover entire without exception citizen.

in indonesia reality kekinian concept execution or precisely subtansi nation country not yet run with commitment crass. there group very rich but more a lot poor. welfare not yet merata. justice not yet maintained seriously. government, also politician not yet thoroughly party to people importance as a whole. government pawns asset nation to foreign country and further.
mengakhir the live obvious cak light stills to think nation country importance as a whole. he closes that book latest sentence with writes, “kita must find manner to overcome nation problem and our country, once this and forever and ever (once and for all). only with that similar determination us escaped will experience crisis again without will having. now or never! ”


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